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    A coil stretch wrapping machine, also known as a wire and cable film wrapping machine, is a specialized piece of equipment used to wrap coil-shaped products or products with long lengths in stretch film or other wrapping materials. It is commonly used in the manufacturing and distribution of wire and cable products, as well as…

  • Packaging line

    The packaging line should include: 1 – roller shutters for feeding boxes with layer-by-layer steel cord spools; 2 – a post for laying bags with dried silica gel and a humidity indicator with a dryer for storing silica gel in the absence of humidity at elevated temperatures; 3 – a device for sealing the loose…

  • Wire coil packing solutions FAQ

    Wire coil packing solutions FAQ

    FAQ in the wire coil packing solution. Hereunder you will find my answer and please send us what we are requiring sooner, with the aim of speeding up the delivery of the machine: The wire coil packing machine supplier don’t provide of an image of the electric desk where it’s located the HMI + push…

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