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Vertical Version Wire Coil Packing Machine

It is a economic and reliable coil wrapping machine that can handle a wide range of coil sizes and materials. With its advanced PLC control system and touchscreen interface, users can easily adjust the machine’s settings to accommodate various coil dimensions and wrapping materials. The CoilMaster 5000 also has a robust construction, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use.


Horizontal Version Steel Wire Coil Packing Machine

The solution designed to efficiently package steel wire coils with precision and care. This innovative machine features a “coil ID to sky” packing orientation, ensuring that soft wire coils are not deformed by gravity during the wrapping process. To further enhance performance, the machine is equipped with supportive rollers that enable 360-degree turning for comprehensive and secure wrapping.


Big Steel Wire Coil Packing Machine with Trolley

The Big Machine with Trolley is a robust and efficient solution for packaging large, heavy wire coils. Its integrated trolley system simplifies the process of moving heavy coils in and out of the wrapping station, making it an ideal choice for crane handling applications. This high-performance machine ensures safety and is typically suited for wire coils with a width of 400-1000mm.


Online Steel Wire Coil Wrapping Machine

It is an Online Coil Wrapping Machine and advanced packaging solution designed for seamless integration into production lines. With its built-in conveyor system, this machine effortlessly conveys wire coils to the wrapping station, automatically positions them for accurate wrapping, and ensures precise packing material counting and cutting. The streamlined packing process results in increased productivity and reduced labor costs.


Big Steel Coil Packer

It is Automatic rewinding packing systeme that is a revolutionary packaging solution that streamlines the entire process of rewinding wire from spools into smaller wire coils, followed by automatic strapping, wrapping, and stacking. That is an invaluable investment for optimize wire packaging processes while leveraging the benefits of advanced automation, data tracking, and ERP system integration.


Horizontal Wrapping Machine

It is an innovative packaging solution designed to optimize handling and packing of wire with spools. This advanced system incorporates automatic compacting and strapping, spool removal, and wire coil packing, significantly reducing manual labor and forklift handling requirements.

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