A coil stretch wrapping machine, also known as a wire and cable film wrapping machine, is a specialized piece of equipment used to wrap coil-shaped products or products with long lengths in stretch film or other wrapping materials. It is commonly used in the manufacturing and distribution of wire and cable products, as well as other types of products that are packaged in coils, such as textiles and paper products.

Coil wrapper wraps the coil-shaped products in a spiral manner through the eye of the product. This is a means of applying the stretch film to a load consisting of stretch rollers supported on a vertical ring. It has a means of passing a load through ring’s eye horizontally.

The machine is designed to wrap the stretch film or other material around the product in a spiral or periphery manner, using wrap tension control to ensure that the product is securely and evenly wrapped. It is typically used in continuous operation and is built with a focus on functionality, reliability, and ease of use.

The machine offers various controls for wrapping the stretch film and jute/paper roll at desired wrap tension and for wrapping different wrap configurations. The machine is designed for continuous operation and is rigid & sturdy.

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